We are based in the attractive fishing village of Moeraki, Otago one hour's scenic drive from Dunedin and 3.5 hours from Christchurch, Queenstown and Mt Cook.

The region offers an abundance of natural wonders and opportunities to fish in waters rich in sea life in an area that abounds with marine mammals and birds. 


Moeraki Lighthouse

Moeraki LighthouseThe Moeraki lighthouse was built 129 years ago. It took three years to build because it blew over twice! The lighthouse was fuelled by paraffin, which was kept a long distance from the lighthouse due to its flammabilty.

Three men were required to operate the lighthouse. There was no road so supplies had to be carried in by boat. The lighthouse was built there because of a dangerous reef called Fish Reef that has caused problems for ships. After around 1930 when electricity was introduced to the lighthouse only one lighthouse keeper was needed.

The Lighthouse stands 52 metres above sea level, is at least 6 meters tall and is made of macrocarpa. Approximately 30,000 people visit the lighthouse every year to see the yellow-eyed penguins, which lay their eggs in September. The babies hatch in November.

Moeraki Fishing Charters

Moeraki offers some of the best sea fishing in New Zealand, giving recreational anglers an ideal opportunity to catch Blue Cod, Shark, Perch, Trumpeter and Groper.
Moeraki Fishing Charters
Enjoy fishing, diving or cruising around the Moeraki waters. All charters ensure a fun and enjoyable time.

Marine Mammals and Birds
While on charter, you may well catch a glimpse of marine mammals and birds attracted to these Southern waters, ranging from dolphins and seals, to albatross and mollymawks.

Sirocco Fishing Charters - www.siroccofishingcharters.co.nz
Moeraki Fishing Charters - www.moerakifishingcharters.co.nz 
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